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Demonstration video of Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down
by Yuan Jue - Master Zhankui Liu. (US $29.95)

Practice instructions are explained in great details (35 pages and 96 movement to movement demonstration photos) in the guide and source book - Life More Abundant. To learn more, please visit:

A very charming video of Zhineng Qigong practice. It shows how gracefully and effortlessly, yet very skillfully Master Zhankui Liu demonstrated Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down - a popular and highly effective Zhineng Qigong healing form created by Grand Master Ming Pang.

Please pay attention to the amazing worming movements of Master Liu's fingers. These worming and snaking finger movements are activated by his internal true chi - the essential life energy, not by force; the true chi is activated by his mind. Chi follows the mind and moves the body.


Combo of the Breathing Exercise

This combo contains four flash videos demonstrated by Master Liu personally:

1. The Breathing Exercise
2. Head Massage Exercise
3. Natural Abdomen Breathing Method
4. Breathing in the Lower Dantian with Opened up Lower Back

Practice with the Master and enjoy the unsurpassed powerful energy field!

CAD $39.95