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The Healing Melody

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The Healing Melody

Seriously ill? Unable to practice? Tired? Need energy? Stressed? Depressed? Need a better sleep? Looking for a guided meditation CD from a Master for healing? The Healing Melody is the right CD for you or your beloved ones.

With Master Liu's original spiritual transmission in the background, this English version healing CD provides clear instructions for the listener to follow through the entire crown-to-toe healing session. Use your own mind power with this incredible tool, you can heal yourself!

What are the benefits listening to this CD?

While the Master and teacher are spiritually transmitting energy (Fa Qi) to each part of your body, you can energize yourself simultaneously. Use the energy and power you receive to relieve fatigue and pains, dispel ailments and illnesses, clear blockages, relax yourself both body and mind. Taking in positive energy will help you to ease stress and depression, improve sleep, promote balanced qi and blood circulation within your body,etc.

How to use the CD?

The Healing Melody can be played whenever you need help for healing or an energy recharge. Some practitioners enjoy listening to it after a long day before sleep. Some seriously ill patients just play it continuously day and night.

Treat yourself in a relaxed and comfortable position (lying or sitting positions are preferred), turn down the light, be humble and reverent. Connect yourself spiritually with the Master and teacher, follow the instructions. Make a good intention or wish and do not be frustrated if you don't have the conditions mentioned, just use the energy to do good for yourself. If you fall asleep, just let go and you don't have to try to keep yourself awake. Why not give it a try?

The Healing Melody CAD $24.95

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