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Special Zhineng Qigong New CDs & DVDs

Want to receive the power and spiritual transmision from an enlightened Master to enhance your health and healing? We have the right practice CDs for you.

All the CDs are exclusively empowered by Master Zhankui Liu's spiritual transmission. Some have Dr.Ming Pang's voice in the background.

The Healing Melody S.JPG

The Healing Melody

Tired? Need energy? Stressed? Depressed? Need a better sleep? Looking for a guided meditation CD from a Master for healing? Or someone you love is seriously ill?

The Healing Melody is the right CD for you or your beloved one.

CAD $24.95 (38 minutes)

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Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down

Did you watch Master Zhankui Liu's demonstration video of Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down´╝čBeautiful show, isn't it?

Now you can practice to his personal instructions with these unique CDs.

The 30-minute Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down CD is great for beginners or who just wants a quick play of the form.

CAD $24.95

The 76-minute Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down CD is fabulous to apply the Level III method to practice Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down. We put the practice emphasis on the Dantian enhancement with Master Zhankui Liu's Mantra Chanting.

CAD $24.95

Want both? You pay only CAD $44.95 for a 2-CD pack.

Breathing on Wonderland S.JPG

Breathing on the Wonderland

Want to practice the Breathing Exercise together with the Master? You can choose anyone from the list or purchase a pack for your convenience of practice.

These unique CDs were recorded when Master Zhankui Liu personally lead the practice with a group of teachers. Many practitioners experienced powerful energy field the first time they used the CDs.

Breathing on the Wonderland

  1. 15 minutes CAD $14.95
  2. 30 mintues CAD $14.95
  3. 45 minutes CAD $14.95
  4. 60 mintues CAD $14.95
  5. 4-CD in a pack CAD $44.95
  6. 74 minutes + Head Massage + Middle Dantian & Lower Dantian Mantra Yang Chi $24.95

Would like to attend a Breathing Meditation Class? Enroll here!

3 Form Combo S.JPG

Combo of LCU + Tailbone Tip Rotation + Three Centers Merge

More experienced? Want to enhance your practice? This Combo CD will let you practice the Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down, Tailbone Tip Rotation and Three Centers Merge Standing Form in a row.

With Master Liu's voice in the background, the practice is more enjoyable, you will be energized after each session.

Combo of LCUPCD + Tailbone Tip Rotation + Three Centers Merge Standing Form

CAD $24.95 76 minutes

Body and Mind Form


Love to practice the Body and Mind Form? Looking for an advanced way to preserve more energy rather than losing it during the stretching? This is the ideal Body and Mind CD for you.

According to Master Liu's wisdom and insights, the structure of the ten postures are rearranged, more focus is put on Dantian and internal energy enhancement. Dr.Ming Pang's voice and Master Liu's spiritual transmission in the background also enrich the power of this CD.

Body and Mind Form (76 Minutes)

CAD $24.95

Vitality Activation and Enhancement


Need more energy in your Middle Dantian and Lower Dantian? Stressed or exausted? Too much emotions? This Vitality Activation and Enhancement CD is right for you.

Using this CD for meditation and Yang Chi can boost your internal energy level, balance the chi and blood circulation in your internal organs, enjoy peace in your mind, and eventually activate and enhance your vitality.

Vitality Activation and Enhancement

CAD $ 24.95 54 minutes

Would like to attend a Awakening Vitality Meditation Class? Enroll here!

Combo of ZBE & Vitality Enhancement


This 78 Min. special CD integrates ZBE, Head Massage, Five Element Circulating Meditation, Middle Dantian and Lower Dantian Yang Chi all together. It is a must have CD for busy working practitioners to boost their energy and stick to their practice.

CAD $24.95

Special Order CDs & Audio DVDs


Didn't find what you need? Need something more advanced? You can also order a special CD for your personal use. Below are just some tips.

Please make sure to state what the CD is used for, so we can customize one CD or audio DVD for you.

    1. Master Liu's Mantra Initiation and Empowerment (76 minutes)
    2. Circle Walking Meditation (Chinese Music) 48 minutes
    3. Circle Walking Meditation (English Music) 48 minutes
    4. Tailbone Tip Rotation 50 minutes
    5. 120 minutes Breathing + Vitality Activation and Enhancement (MP3 on Data DVD)
    6. 180 minutes Breathing + Vitality Activation + 9 Chakra Meditation ´╝ł(MP3 on Data DVD)

CAD $24.95 for each CD

Enjoy great discount if you order more than one CD.
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